Astro Harvest

Astro Harvest berry

Astro Harvest (Still in Development)

A colourful VR game about catching mischievous fruits on a space ranch.

Astro Harvest is a fun and colourful Arcade VR game that can be played alone or with friends. Work together to grow cheery fruit characters, build turrets and shoot down aliens who come to steal your harvest!

Key Features

  • Family friendly: Low impact cartoon violence means it can be played by gamers of all ages
  • Pick up & play: Simply vacuum and shoot with a high-powered fruit blaster
  • Build turrets and shoot down aliens
  • Highly replayable: Players can experiment and try out different tactics
  • Designed for LBVR: Play with up to 8 friends in the same virtual environment
  • Colourful Aesthetic & Bouncy Music